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The Story

On the 30th July, I have signed up to participate in a mammoth challenge, a bike ride from Milton Keynes to London to raise money to support the education and welfare of orphans living in Uganda! A 100km bike ride is no easy feat, but this day of effort pales into insignificance when compared to the daily struggles of the Ugandan orphans we will be supporting. We pray for the strength to complete this challenge and raise as much funds as we can with your help to help those in need. Please help me reach my target goal of £300 which will be split 50/50 towards providing direct sponsorship to the education and sustainance of orphans and the continued building of the Ugandan orphanage.#GIVINGISBELIEVING


Al-Fikr has been working in Uganda for the past three years, building strong relationships with local charities with whom we have worked to deliver much needed sustenance and aid to local communities. We have built several water wells, each of which supplies fresh, clean water to over 1000 local people. We have also provided food aid at various times throughout the year, enabling our partner charities to deliver food parcels to the neediest families within their communities. However, although providing immediate relief from poverty is of clear importance, we are always focused on helping to provide longer term solutions. With this in mind, over the past year, we have focused our attention on alleviating the tragic suffering of orphans in Uganda. With high rates of HIV, poor adult mortality rates and a significant incidence of abandonment, the percentage of orphans in Uganda is amongst the highest in the world. Their outlook is currently very bleak, with menial farm labour work being the best future they could currently aspire to. Working with our partners in Uganda, we have sponsored a growing number of orphans, providing them with an education and sustenance, giving them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and strive for a better future. We have also recently started the building of our 100 child orphanage, school and womens empowerment centre which will provide a base for the sustainable, development and education of Ugandan orphans living around the Jinja district and provide a means for local women to earn an income, alleviating the need for them to send their children to work at an early age, in place of gaining an education.


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"Well Done"

Anonymous donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2023/8/5 at 18:2.

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"Amazing effort Raza. God bless you"

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"May you and your parents be blessed for the noble act. "

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Jo donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/7/27 at 21:42.

"Good luck on the ride. Great cause MASHALLAH"

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