Morocco Emergency Response

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The Story

Al-Fikr have launched an emergency appeal to support those affected by the earthquake. We are working tirelessly with our partners on ground to deliver essential aid to the communities affected by this horrific disaster.


A huge 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco late Friday night, killing and injuring thousands. The world stands stunned as the death toll continues to rise, surpassing 2,000 lives lost, with hundreds more injured. Heartbreakingly, this tragic toll is anticipated to climb even higher. As the death toll rises, the victims of this calamity require our assistance more than ever. Many of the dead are in remote villages in the High Atlas mountains and the scale of the destruction is still emerging. Ambulances are unable to reach the injured due to blocked roadways. Officials are working hard to clear debris, but rescue and relief efforts are hampered by the rugged terrain, landslides, and long distances. This quake was the strongest to hit this part of the North African nation in more than 120 years and the impact has been catastrophic with buildings destroyed and already impoverished families left with nothing.

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"May Allah ease everyone’s hardships. Ameen "

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