Ramadan fundraiser - Freha

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The Story

I am fundraising for Al-Fikr this Ramadan. We pride ourselves with a 100% donation policy which means all donations go towards their intended purpose


Al-Fikr has been founded to inspire acts of kindness, educate the young and old, ease hardships for all those experiencing distress and encourage selflessness in the form of charity. - FOOD PACKAGE for an entire family - from £40 EVERY DAY MORE THAN 690 MILLION PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD GO TO SLEEP WITHOUT EATING AND 1 IN 3 SUFFER FROM MALNUTRITION We understand that ending hunger is directly linked with good health, education and livelihood outcomes and therefore we work with vulnerable communities to provide a sustainable solution whilst meeting their immediate needs. No human being should suffer from hunger so Al-Fikr is determined to work towards ending food insecurity which has been increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Our food Packs generally consist of staple food products and essentials including rice, flour, sugar and oil. WATER PROJECT: a) Hand Water Pump £150 b) Community Well £700 790 million people lack access to clean drinking water. Millions are forced to drink dirty, unsafe water that could kill them. Women and children are forced to walk miles each day on dangerous terrain to fetch clean water. This denies children access to education, and hugely affects the entire family. A recent study estimates that 200 million hours a day are spent by women and girls around the world just collecting water. Hand Water Pump/ Community Well is Zakat Eligible and is a beautiful Sadaqah Jariah. Once your Hand Water Pump/ Community Well is installed in 8- 10 weeks you will receive a completion report of your hand pump/ Community Well with location and pictures. You can also choose a name (max 20 characters) for the plaque on the hand pump/ Community Well (See website for examples). RESCUE A FAMILY - £1500 Lives are at risk in Syria as hundreds of thousands of people find themselves squashed into smaller and more vulnerable areas, where exploitation, poverty, and malnutrition are on the rise. Over 80% of people in Syria live below the world poverty line, which means that they make less than £1 per day. The crisis in Syria began in 2011, unleashing an imaginable escalation of hardship which to date has continued unabated. This Ramadan you have the opportunity to be a part of this life-saving project. Your donations will provide families with shelter and make a big difference in their lives. Build a home for a displaced family with two bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom with a concrete roof for only £1500

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Anonymous donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2022/5/14 at 23:0.

Anonymous donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2022/5/9 at 10:24.

Anonymous donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2022/5/8 at 20:33.

Rizwan donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2022/5/1 at 14:35.

Anonymous donated £10.00 on 2022/5/1 at 14:29.

Anonymous donated £300.00+ £75.00 on 2022/5/1 at 2:54.

"Great cause Freha, May Allah swt reward you for your effort. "

Tahira donated £50.00 on 2022/4/30 at 22:36.