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I am excited to be fundraising for Al-Fikr this Ramadan. Please join me on this rewarding journey in making a lasting impact for those suffering around the world. Every donation, big or small, will go towards Al-Fikr’s life-saving and life-changing projects helping to uplift communities by tackling hunger, thirst, and poverty. In our faith, we are taught that during the month of Ramadan the reward of every good deed is multiplied 70 times by Allah (SWT). Meaning that every time we perform an act of worship, make a generous donation or feed another, it will be as though we have done so 70 times! Let’s come together and make the most of this blessed month 🙏🏼 Al-Fikr takes pride in their 100% donation policy which means all donations go towards their intended purpose. For additional information on the projects please read below. Ramadan Kareem


Al-Fikr was founded to inspire acts of kindness, educate the young and old, ease hardships for those experiencing distress and encourage selflessness in the form of charity. This charity is a 100% non-profit organisation and we work on projects that serve our local community in the UK as well as globally reaching out to those who need our support. Al-Fikr is not bound by geographical location, ethnicity, colour, gender or religious boundaries, we reach out to everyone because we truly believe giving is believing. Food Packages - £40 Every day, globally more than 690 million go to sleep without eating and 1 in 3 suffer from malnutrition. We understand that ending hunger is directly linked with good health, education and livelihood outcomes and therefore we work with vulnerable communities to provide a sustainable solution whilst meeting their immediate needs. The Covid-19 pandemic and economic concerns have unfortunately led to an increase in people suffering from hunger. Al-Fikr is determined to work towards ending food insecurity by distributing long-life food packages which generally include staple food products and essentials such as rice, flour, sugar and oil. Soup Kitchen - £10 per month Al-Fikr is working across some of the worlds poorest countries to help alleviate hunger and, in doing so, we launched a sustainability project by way of a soup kitchen in Pakpattan, Pakistan. The soup kitchen runs every other day throughout the year and provides meals for 200-225 people. Through our work with NGOs, we have been able to identify widows, orphans, disabled individuals and elderly in the Pakpattan area who we treat as priority recipients of the meal program. Our aim is to increase our offering to meals for up to 300 people daily but in order to do so we need your support. Water Hand Water Pump - £150 Community Well - £700 Globally, 790 million people lack access to clean drinking water which is a basic human right. Millions are forced to drink, cook, wash and make ablution with unsanitised, unsafe water potentially causing life threatening effects. In an attempt to avoid this, women and children are forced to walk miles on a daily basis over dangerous terrain in the hope of fetching clean water. Approximately 200 million hours are spent per day fetching water worldwide. This denies children access to education and has a detrimental effect on their family as a whole. In providing clean water to such communities, we hope to alleviate this burden on families. The provision of a hand water pump or community well is Zakat eligible and is a beautiful Sadaqah Jariah given that you are able to add a personalised plaque (max 20 characters) to any hand pump or community well. It takes 8-10 weeks to install either a hand water pump or community well and you will receive a report on completion detailing the location and photographs of the same. Orphan Sponsorship Package 1 (Education) - £30 per month Package 2 (Education/Food) - £45 per month Package 3 (Education/Food/Medical) - £60 per month According to UNICEF, there are approximately 153 million orphans worldwide with an estimated 5,700 children becoming orphans daily. A heart-breaking statistic. Children are orphaned for a variety of reasons ranging from living in war torn countries to disease, famine, abandonment, natural disasters and severe poverty. We work closely with our partners in Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh to name a few to establish those children most in need, providing them with a tailored holistic approach, looking at education, food, shelter and medication. For us, every child is unique and through the generosity of your donations we aspire to break the cycle of poverty and provide orphans with the opportunities that they deserve to help them reach their full potential. Why sponsor an orphan through Al-Fikr? In setting up tailored beneficial sponsorship programs for each orphan, we ensure that they actually work and that those in need receive all of your donations through our 100% donation policy. You will receive an electronic pack welcoming you to our program which will include a summary of their current situation and allow you to really get to know your sponsored child. At the end of each term, you will receive school reports, supported by ongoing assessments by our team to ensure that your sponsored child continues to be best supported. Through our personal sponsorship portal, you can also receive direct communication from your sponsored child in the form of letters which just adds to the bond that you develop with them over time.

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