Uganda Aid Mission

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The Story

As a part of our aim to provide support and aid to our brothers and sisters struggling throughout the world in poverty, the Al-Fikr team is excited to announce that we will be conducting an aid mission to Uganda between the 6-12th November. We would be grateful if you could help us reach our target so that you could be a part of this amazing journey.


Uganda is one of the poorest nations on Earth, with over 41% of the population living on under $1.90 per day as of 2016. Unfortunately, in rural areas, where subsistence farming is the main source of income, the percentage of people living below this poverty line are disproportionately higher. Due to the lack of opportunity and struggle to provide daily food, many children are forced to drop out of school, and work to provide a meagre supplement to the family’s income. The case is bleaker for girls and women within the community, who in order to provide food for their families unfortunately often end up trapped in prostitution, carrying with it the additional risk of contracting HIV. Al-Fikr has been working remotely in Uganda for the past couple of years, building strong relationships with local charities with whom we have worked to deliver much needed sustenance and aid to local communities. We have built several water wells, each of which supplies fresh, clean water to over 1000 local people. We have also provided food aid at various times throughout the year, enabling our partner charities to deliver food parcels to the neediest families within their communities. However, although providing immediate relief from poverty is of clear importance, we are always focused on helping to provide longer term solutions. With this in mind, in the past we have also purchased sewing machines for women in the poorest communities to enable them to provide an additional income for their family. As you may know, we held a fundraising event in early 2020, just prior to the COVID lockdown, with the aim of travelling to Africa and distributing aid. This was following our successful mission to Liberia in 2019 where we were able to reach our goal of feeding 100,000 orphans! During our fundraiser, as a result of the kind pledges from our donors at the event, we successfully raised over £12,000 for the mission. Unfortunately, with the outbreak of COVID, any plans to deliver this aid were placed on hold during the lockdown, but as restrictions started to ease up, we began planning for our next trip to distribute this aid. Accordingly, and with help from our Ugandan partners, we have formed our plan to deliver aid parcels containing rice, flour, sugar, oil and soap, with which, if we reach our goal of raising a total £35,000, will provide more than 100,000 meals to the poorest members of communities in the Jinja region of Uganda. In addition to the aid parcels, we will also be supplying mosquito nets to the areas at greater risk of contracting malaria and be supplying sanitary pads to women in the community, alleviating the need for them to deal with other unhygienic means of keeping clean. Each day of the mission, we will also be visiting local masjids and delivering Dawa booklets, providing instruction and education for our brothers and sisters on the basics of Islam. In addition to these deliveries, during our mission, we will also be ceremonially starting the dig of the foundations for the combined orphanage, school and women’s empowerment centre that Al-Fikr will be building over the next year. This is a project that we have been planning for the past year with our Ugandan partners and will house over 100 x orphans, then feed and school them. It will also be providing an education and training facility for the local women where they’ll be able to gain valuable skills such as sewing, reading and writing to help support them find employment and increased opportunities for the future. With less than 6 weeks to go until we depart for Uganda, we are reaching out and asking for donations towards this mission. We will be hand delivering the aid ourselves, so you can be sure that your money is going directly from your hands to the recipients in line with Islamic principles. We operate a strict 100% donation policy and we cover any of our administrative costs through Gift Aid we receive from the Government. To give you an idea of the potential benefit that you can give; just a £35 donation will feed a family of 4 for around 2 months! Please help us in this mission to help alleviate the suffering of our Brothers and Sisters and may Allah reward you for all that you can do to help!

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