Hishams Ramadan Appeal 2024

by The Qamar Trust

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The Story

The Qamar Trust kicked off their Ramadan campaigns in Chad and Morocco last week. We are preparing for a Ramadan that is like no other in recent history. Donate £40 to provide a food pack for the month of Ramadan or donate £5 to provide a Hot Iftar Meal. The blessings of this great month remain unique but the needs of the Muslim nation are overwhelming at this time. Whether it’s the Middle East, Africa or Asia, Muslims are in great need of help and support. This month of giving comes to us as we seek relief. The Qamar Trust remain committed to delivering relief, through your aid, to those in need. From Morocco to Afghanistan and Somalia to Bangladesh, we remain active in delivery. 100% Donation Policy

The Qamar Trust

The Qamar Trust’s purpose is to aid those who are most in need around the World. Whether it is through delivering Zakat and Sadaqah, funding infrastructure or feeding those who are hungry, The Qamar Trust passionately works to serve humankind and work beyond the provision of immediate relief, towards supporting our brothers, sisters and children across the globe.

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Anonymous donated £40.00 on 2024/6/1 at 1:17.

Anonymous donated £30.00 on 2024/5/21 at 22:29.

Jordan donated £35.00 on 2024/5/20 at 1:31.

Anonymous donated £9.00 on 2024/4/9 at 21:27.

Anonymous donated £120.00+ £30.00 on 2024/4/9 at 18:28.

Anonymous donated £1.00 on 2024/4/9 at 0:56.

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Anonymous donated £50.00 on 2024/4/8 at 22:52.