A Call To Duty - Ramadan Campaign - Haroon

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The Story

I will be travelling with Call to Duty in partnership with Qamar Trust in the last 10 days of Ramadhan to assist our brothers and sisters in Jordan. We are going to be visiting camps that mainly consist of displaced Syrian and Palestinian refugees and other countries that have been affected by war within recent years. In sha Allah we will be looking to provide families with vital aid. The cost of each food pack is £40 and should last a family approximately for 1 month. We are preparing for a Ramadhan that is like no other in recent history. The blessings of this great month remain unique however the needs of the Muslim Ummah are overwhelming at this time. All travel expenses are covered by the volunteers ensuring that 100% of your donation is given to the most needy. We are working with Qamar Trust who share our values in offering a 100% donation commitment. Please note we will be on the ground for a couple of days and more than likely due to the amount raised all donations will not be delivered therefore your donations are entrusted to Qamar Trust who will continue to assist our brothers and sisters. The Qamar Trust 100% Donation Policy

The Qamar Trust

The Qamar Trust’s purpose is to aid those who are most in need around the World. Whether it is through delivering Zakat and Sadaqah, funding infrastructure or feeding those who are hungry, The Qamar Trust passionately works to serve humankind and work beyond the provision of immediate relief, towards supporting our brothers, sisters and children across the globe.

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Anonymous donated £150.00 on 2024/4/7 at 20:37.

"Zakaat payment. Ameen. Ma sha Allah great efforts to help our brothers and sisters and a privilege to be doing it too. Allah swt reward your efforts and make us privileged enough one day to do the same. Ameen"

Anonymous donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2024/4/6 at 23:34.

Suly donated £300.00+ £75.00 on 2024/4/5 at 19:48.

"May Allah SWT reward all you guys for the amazing work you are doing. May Allah SWT accept all our Zakat & Sadaqa Ameen"

Raheela donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2024/4/5 at 19:36.

"Masha’Allah "

Anonymous donated £200.00+ £50.00 on 2024/4/5 at 19:34.

Anonymous donated £150.00+ £37.50 on 2024/4/5 at 18:39.

Haroon donated £300.00+ £75.00 on 2024/4/5 at 18:36.