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The Story

The mission of Climate Justice Africa is to be present in the spaces where climate decisions are made in our efforts to influence policy development, implementation and review in a more equitable and inclusive pathway across Africa. That is why this year we’ll bring together a delegation of 20 young people from African regions to attend COP28 in Dubai, UAE between 30th November - 12th December, 2023. By attending the conference, young African activists can advocate for policies and solutions that address the unique challenges facing our continent. We the Young African activists have a unique perspective on climate change, which is often overlooked in global discussions. Our presence at the conference will ensure that our voices are heard and our perspectives are considered in decision-making. This can help to ensure that the needs and concerns of African communities are reflected in global climate policy.

The Movements Trust

The Movements Trust is sponsoring Climate Justice Africa to enable donors to support their efforts to have their voices heard at COP in 2023 The Movements Trust believes that we cannot face the environmental crisis facing society today without the help of social movements. We work to increase the flow of funding to movements working to achieve environmental, economic and social justice, both in the UK and globally. Help us help them to create a better world.

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