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Hi! Thanks for visiting my page :-) In lieu of presents, I'd like to collect donations for The Cart Shed, which is a charity based in North Herefordshire, UK. This is the same charity that Henry supported for his 50th birthday last year. The Cart Shed charity transforms lives. They work with adults and young people experiencing mental health difficulties or with those of us who have emotional imbalances in our lives. The Cart Shed is based in beautiful woodland and on a working farm. They run courses for all ages, using enriching and engaging woodland activities such as woodcraft and coppice craft as well as horticulture to empower us to self-manage our mental and physical health in a sustainable way. Sessions are run by tutors, occupational therapists and mental health practitioners to help build confidence, identify barriers to skills development and explore other issues that might be making life challenging. As you guys know, I'm not exactly what you would call outdoorsy :-) However, mental health and wellness is extremely important to me, and after I visited The Cart Shed, I was inspired by the tutors who use the beauty of woodland to promote both mental and physical wellness. The average cost of a day at The Cart Shed is £100. This includes transport, access to qualified occupational therapists and other health care professionals, skilled crafts tutors and a host of activities including coppicing, coppice crafts, horticulture and basket making. ​ Any amount you can donate can go towards securing a place for a person in need, or else towards buying much needed tools to facilitate the classes. Thanks so much again for visiting my page, and for helping give back to the Herefordshire community. - Liz

The Cart Shed Charity

The Cart Shed Charity, Reg. Number: 1167802;

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