The Office Project - in Philly's memory

by David Hunt

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The Story

I have decided to do another Marathon – mad or what! This time it is the Manchester Marathon on 3rd April – April had been one of the revised dates for the cancelled London Marathon 2020 but is now 2nd October 2022 so I felt, rather than waste all the training I’d planned for London in April, I’d do another race! For those of you who kindly sponsored me for the London Marathon – we raised an impressive £4,500 for The Mental Health Foundation. For the Manchester Marathon, I hope to raise some money towards a project at The Cart Shed charity. In memory of Philly, her estate is funding the building of a log cabin style office for the staff of the charity – they currently ‘enjoy’ a leaking Portacabin. With the increase in building material costs and extra requirements to comply with Building Regulations we need some more funds. Planning was approved in October 2021 and we hope to start the groundworks in March 2022. I do hope you can help to close the gap in funding – Thank you in advance. Photos are 'artists impressions'!

The Cart Shed Charity

THE CART SHED CHARITY, Reg. Number: 1167802;

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Anonymous donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2022/5/3 at 20:20.

Jane donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2022/4/12 at 11:52.

"Typically late, hope you made it, good luck with the project and come and have supper some time to tell us all about it. Love Jeremy & Victoria xxx"

Victoria & Jeremy donated £40.00+ £10.00 on 2022/4/10 at 8:10.

"Amazing effort for an amazing cause. A legacy for lovely Philly ❤️ Laura Xxxx "

Laura donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2022/4/8 at 19:22.

"Congratulations David, great effort. Barnaby"

Barnaby donated £100.00 on 2022/4/8 at 7:12.

"David, a great project, fantastic family and our best wishes for success. Martin, Eeva and Laura"

Martin donated £50.00 on 2022/4/7 at 21:5.

Anthony donated £20.00 on 2022/4/7 at 20:36.