Gaza Emergency - Incubator Appeal

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The Story

Thanks to your generosity and by the Grace of God, Saarah's Fund now has over 70 incubators deployed across Senegal, Syria and Yemen. These incubators are saving lives every day. In light of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we have launched an urgent appeal for 60 incubators in Gaza at a total cost of £25,000. Our partner charity, Embrace Global, is working with local NGOs in Egypt and Jordan ready to get incubators into Gaza as soon as the situation allows. With 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza, of which over 5,000 are expected to give birth in the next month or so, 600 to 1,000 incubators are required. Each incubator costs $500 (about £400), which means they need to raise up to £400,000 in total. Your contribution will make an impact. As little as £20 can save one life. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you. Donations are Zakat eligible and 100% of your donation will go towards the incubators.

Saarah's Fund

We have set up Saarah’s Fund in memory of Saarah, our beautiful and beloved 4 year old daughter, who passed away completely unexpectedly in her sleep on the 11th of March 2011. She was truly a miracle: born 11 weeks early, weighing 3lb 3oz, she overcame meningitis twice before she finally came home after three months. Then aged one she had pneumonia and a serious secondary infection to which she almost succumbed. Remarkably she bounced back and for the next three years she enjoyed good health. Unfortunately the meningitis left its mark: hearing loss in one ear, nystagmus (wobbly eyes), very low muscle tone and developmental delay. However, through her courage and determination, she was overcoming all these challenges and had blossomed into a fun loving and outgoing little girl. She brought us so much love and joy and was a source of inspiration to all who knew her. Through the generosity of family, friends and complete strangers alike, over the last ten years we have raised more than £50,000 for various causes. This includes 70 incubators for hospitals in Senegal, Syria and Yemen, an outdoor play train at the JR Hospital, play equipment for the Wheatley Nursery, and a contribution towards the new indoor arena at RDA Abingdon, both of which Saarah used to attend. By donating to Saarah’s Fund you can help more children like Saarah achieve their full potential. Thank you for your generosity and God bless you.

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"May God bless the recipients"

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"May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts Talib. And may your family be reunited with beautiful Saarah in Firdous Inshallah."

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