Pentland Peaks Challenge

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The Story

We know! Another request for money in your inbox. Annoying isn’t it. But hear us out (we’ll keep it short & sweet). Yes, it’s another pull on the purse-strings. But we aren’t going Bob Geldof style here ‘’Give us your ‘flipping’ money;’’ instead, we are simply asking you to give something, anything, we’ll take a quid if you have one. Not so short this is it – let’s outline what we’re doing. Kat & Becky are walking 27miles and climbing 5 peaks for Sane, a mental health charity. Sane aims to raise awareness and understanding of all mental health conditions; fight to improve frontline mental health services for individuals and carers and promote and host research into the causes and more effective treatments for mental illness. Let’s face it, we will all either have mental health issues or know someone close to us who will struggle with it in our lifetimes, so we think this is a very worthy cause. The walk is the Pentland Peaks, which is in Scotland, in September. We’re hoping for decent weather, but being Scotland, we are preparing to wade through some mud, whilst battling hailstone. We remain wildly optimistic about our ability to “smash” this walk, despite us both struggling with the most basic navigation (we have been lost on every walk we have done so far) and having spent more time planning the snacks needed then actually considering how we will climb the peaks. The bottom line is, we need your dosh. Like we say, give us what you can, something is better than nothing, a donation shows you’re rooting for us. Thanks for reading to the end, anything you give will be deeply appreciated. Kat & Becky x


SANE, Reg. Number: 296572;

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