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In June 2021, the KIRF dialysis centre opened with your huge support. As one would anticipate, there were initial teething issues but Alhamdulliah the KIRF executive and medical team have been doing a great job and year to date, we have undertaken a massive 1,200 dialysis sessions. The credit for this milestone sits with you, our beautiful kind hearted donors. In 2022, a second shift has been added and KIRF intend to triple the number of dialysis sessions every month. Subhanallah, that would be an amazing target to achieve. We need your help to save these lives, please donate your Zakat, Sadqa and other alms towards this life critical project. 1 dialysis session for £25 4 dialysis sessions for £100 10 dialysis sessions for £250 50 dialysis sessions for £1,250 100 dialysis sessions for £2,500 We also need 10 electrical beds and 2 chairs, so that that patients can receive dialysis with comfort and dignity in suitable beds/chair, reconditioned units will cost around £6,000. And we have been promised by Allah, that when we give away our wealth to save others, it is Allah who will save us and our loved ones in this life and the next. And no matter how much we give, we know directly from the blessed lips of the messenger (saw) that our charity will never reduce our wealth. So this Ramadan, please support our life saving work and May Allah swt bless you all Ameen. is a registered British Charity with Charity Number 1113301. was established as a direct result of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir in 2005. A group of London-based professional family members, friends, relatives and supporters were spurred into action by the earthquake. Our original mission was to provide emergency relief and assistance to the earthquake victims. Since then, our mission has been to implement charitable projects in Pakistan and Kashmir. Our projects provide maximum value for money for those providing the funds, and maximum help to the people that need it the most. is a small charity, but in a short period of time with loyal support, we have successfully implemented many projects and schemes serving hundreds of thousands families, helping some of the poorest people in society. started it's collaboration with KIRF in 2019, they have undertaken many successful projects together for the benefit of underprivileged in Jatlan Mirpur and surrounding villages. Easton Jamia Masjid and PakTrust are working together to raise fund for this KIRF dialysis unit.

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"JazakAllah to the congregation of EASTON Jamia Masjid Bristol who have donated their fitrana of £1000 towards Jatlan Dialysis centre "

Easton Jamia donated £1,000.00 on 2022/5/2 at 10:49.


Haroon donated £1,000.00 on 2022/4/28 at 13:23.

"Amazing work as always - SubhanAllah"

Anonymous donated £700.00+ £175.00 on 2022/4/26 at 23:53.