2024 Kidney Dialysis, KIRF Jatlan

by PakTrust.org

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The Story

Dear Esteemed Supporters, The journey of compassion and generosity began in June 2021 when the Kashmir International Relief Fund (KIRF) dialysis centre in Jatlan, Mirpur, opened its doors, propelled by the unwavering support of our kind-hearted donors from the UK, particularly PakTrust, bolstered by the benevolence of Waltham Forest Islamic Association, Ilford Islamic Centre, Easton Masjid, and other masjids, Alhamdulillah. Since then, the dialysis centre has flourished, conducting over 7,000 dialysis sessions, thanks to your invaluable contributions. Your dedication will undoubtedly transform this initiative into a perpetual act of charity (sadqa Jaria) for you and your families, by the grace of Allah Azawajal. However, the reality persists: dialysis is not a one-time remedy but a lifeline requiring consistent, ongoing support. Despite facing adversities and economic turbulence, the Pakistani community grapples with a deteriorating economy, pushing many middle-class citizens into poverty, reliant on zakat and sadqa for survival. In light of this, PakTrust is embarking on a mission to raise £50,000 to sustain the vital dialysis centre. Each dialysis session costs approximately Rs 7,000 (£25, subject to the fluctuating foreign exchange rates). Your continuous support is crucial in preserving these precious lives. We implore you to contribute your Zakat, Sadqa, and other forms of charity to this life-saving endeavour. Here's how you can make a difference: • £25: One dialysis session • £100: Four dialysis sessions • £250: Ten dialysis sessions • £1,250: Fifty dialysis sessions • £2,500: One hundred dialysis sessions Consider setting up a monthly direct debit through the provided link, starting with a suggested amount of £50, equivalent to two dialysis sessions. And we have been promised by Allah, that when we give away our wealth to save others, it is Allah who will save us and our loved ones in this life and the next. And no matter how much we give; we know directly from the blessed lips of the messenger (saw) that our charity will never reduce our wealth. Our Video Appeal: youtube.com/watch?v=ZtMZGnGpR_g This Ramadan, let us unite in supporting this vital cause, and may Allah SWT shower His blessings upon all of you. Ameen. Gratefully, PakTrust.org


PakTrust.org is a registered British Charity with Charity Number 1113301. PakTrust.org was established as a direct result of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan and Kashmir in 2005. A group of London-based professional family members, friends, relatives and supporters were spurred into action by the earthquake. Our original mission was to provide emergency relief and assistance to the earthquake victims. Since then, our mission has been to implement charitable projects in Pakistan, Kashmir and UK. Our projects provide maximum value for money for those providing the funds, and maximum help to the people that need it the most. PakTrust.org is a small charity, but in a short period of time with loyal support, we have successfully implemented many projects and schemes serving hundreds of thousands of families, helping some of the poorest people in society. PakTrust.org started its collaboration with KIRF in 2019, they have undertaken many successful projects together for the benefit of underprivileged in Jatlan Mirpur and surrounding villages.

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