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Many families rely on the kindness of charities that support widows and their orphans to feed their children and those in need. “Our mission is to save lives and build futures for orphan children and those in need by improving their quality of life.” We are appealing for monthly food parcels starting at £35 each. With your generous contribution, you can help provide a vital food parcel to feed an orphan and their family of up to 5 people in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The food parcel is created for a local diet which will consist of 10kg rice, 5kg sugar, 20kg flour, 5litre oil, 3kg lentils, 1kg tea, 1kg salt and other items. SADAQAH Please kindly donate your SADAQAH to help orphan children continuously throughout the year. ‘Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.’ Hadith, Tirmidhi ‘Sadaqah does not decrease wealth’ Hadith, Muslim SADAQAH is an act of charity that can be performed by anyone, in any amount, at any time of the year. GIVE WHAT YOU CAN, EVERY PENNY YOU DONATE WILL HELP TOWARDS THIS NOBLE CAUSE SHARE | DONATE | BENEFIT 100% Donation Policy

Orphan Children Charity

Orphan Children Charity will be delivering projects in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The team will be on the ground working to provide food parcels to orphan children, their families and the needy.


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