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The Story

On 18th Decemeber 2021, our local and expat hospital staff members will run 10km around Masanga in the memory and spirit of Dr Wouter Nolet to raise money for Masanga Hospital. We would like to invite you all to join us in spirit and run 10km over the Christmas and New Year period from your hometowns! And if you can collect donations amongst friends and family, it would go a long way towards helping our project. Any donations will help provide maternity, paediatric, surgery and general medical care to our patients as well as to improve working conditions of health workers in Masanga Hospital, Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone. To give you an idea:- £20 : Cures one child of severe malaria. £30 : 50 kg of rice, Christmas gift for hospital staff £40 : One cesarean section, saving a woman’s life. £85 : Pays for one major abdominal surgery. £420 : One week medication for one ward £850 : One nurse’s salary for a year Thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas!

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Dr Wouter Run 2021

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"From Professor Hattersley for Christmas 2021!"

Adele donated £100.00+ £25.00 on 2021/12/19 at 21:15.

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