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Masanga Hospital is a 120-bed hospital in rural Sierra Leone, West Africa. Approximately 440,000 people are dependent on Masanga Hospital for their healthcare, and unfortunately doctors, nurses and resources are limited. Most patients have to pay for their healthcare at the point of access, although the cost is subsidised by several European NGOs including Masanga UK. There is no health insurance. Other than children under 5 years old and pregnant women, patients and their families have to cover healthcare costs themselves. Masanga Hospital Charity Fund serves to support patients who are unable to pay for the healthcare they need, particularly for lifesaving treatment. Many patients have to decline investigations and medications, or even admission, because they cannot afford it. All patients must be admitted with a relative or caregiver, who provides all their food and personal care, and this puts additional financial burden on families whilst the caregiver cannot work. This charity fund relies on donations, and it is currently almost empty! We would really appreciate any support to help us care for our patients. Here are some examples of what your donations can fund: One week hospital admission: 500 leones (£17) Blood tests: 10-40 leones per test (£0.35-1.40) Chest X-ray: 150 leones (£5) 5 days of IV antibiotics: 120-250 leones (£4-9) 1L bag of IV fluids: 20 leones (£0.80) Surgery - minor e.g. hernia repair: 1300 leones (£46) Surgery - major procedure e.g laparotomy: 1500 leones (£53) Crutches: 375 leones (£13) Thank you for all your support! Georgia, Rachel, Cari and Tom (Current UK volunteers at Masanga Hospital)

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"From assisterhood football team"

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" To Georgia, Rachel, Cari and Tom, What a good cause - pleased to support. Anne and John "

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"Amazing work you are doing "

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