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by Greig Orrell

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The Story

Little LifeSavers was born from a desire to teach members of the public the vital skill of providing effective CPR. During the Junior Doctors Strike Action in 2016, consultant anaesthetist Dr Barbara Stanley organised drop-in sessions for doctors to meet the public. Some of the doctors taught simple CPR skills alongside explaining to the public why they were striking. One of the children who attended the drop-in session told his school about it, and the head teacher made the first request. From there, Little LifeSavers was formed to teach school children and pass on the skills needed to create a “nation of lifesavers”. Little LifeSavers was established as a charity in September 2016. For the first six months, we provided Basic Life Support Skills Training to schools throughout West Sussex. Then word began to spread, and we started to set groups up across the UK. In May 2017 Little LifeSavers was featured on ITV’s This Morning programme and today, we are still growing as more and more people volunteer to learn our simple CPR model and teach it to children. As our nation of Little LifeSavers continues to grow; so does the chance of a bystander administering CPR successfully and saving a life.

Little LifeSavers

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