Urgent Community Fundraising Campaign

by Link UP London C.I.C.

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The Story

Let’s help each other through challenging times The cost-of-living crisis is driving more Londoners to urgently seek help from local charitable organisations. Together we can respond to this crisis and support more people in the community. Here's how... Link UP London’s Skilled Volunteer service helps community-based charitable organisations access the skills they need to do their work better and make a bigger impact in their community . With your help, charities like Greenwich Winter Night Shelter, can grow their organisation and help more people in need. Set off a ripple and help more people in your community By supporting us, you are not just supporting one organisation, you are supporting organisations across the community. Your donation helps to build a network of organisations providing urgent services to thousands of people. Working together, we can build stronger organisations and communities that support each other. £5,000 would help us support more organisations in vital need. On average, each charitable organisation we work with helps 1,500 people each per year. The more organisations we can support the more people in the community get the help they need. Let's create social change together. Our network of Changemakers is building stronger communities across London to tackle issues that are compounded by the cost-of-living crisis such as poverty and inequality. Every £1 you donate makes a huge difference, resulting in £2 worth of skills being invested in the community. Help us reach more organisations and volunteers today and make a big impact in London communities.   Thank you so much for your support.

Link UP London C.I.C.

2022 crowdfunding campaign to raise money to support charitable organisations through the cost-of-living crisis.

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