Will's London to Brighton Cycle

by William Hughes

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The Story

In September I'm doing the 54-mile bike ride from London to Brighton to raise money for Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust. The money that is raised will go towards supporting the young people in residential care that Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust works with. About Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust is a charity that enables children in care to have the same opportunities as everyone else. We create children’s homes where children can thrive and where education is central to our holistic approach. We invest in great staff who are able to build authentic relationships in thoughtfully designed physical spaces. Our entire approach is informed by social pedagogy - a relationship-based way of working with children. We use our learning to train people and influence decision-makers, so standards of care improve nationally. Our first children’s home opened in early February 2022. The money raised from the London to Brighton event will go towards supporting the young people who live in the home and towards opening our second home. You can find more information about our homes here lptrust.org.uk/sutton-london

Lighthouse Pedagogy Trust (CIO)

LIGHTHOUSE (CIO), Reg. Number: 1190570;

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"Well done mate "

Adam donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2022/9/12 at 8:8.

"Will Power will be required! Best of luck. Nick"

Nick donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2022/9/10 at 15:54.

"Ride well twit!"

Hugo donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2022/9/9 at 22:2.

"Show me the meaning of haste. Ride safe, brother. "

Edward donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2022/8/27 at 1:12.

"Good luck William, Nanny"

Gareth donated £10.00 on 2022/8/26 at 8:22.

April donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2022/8/23 at 15:0.

"Good luck with the ride to my home town..."

Gareth donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2022/8/23 at 14:59.