Rachel runs the London Marathon

by Greener and Cleaner

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raised by 37 donations

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The Story

Rachel is running the London Marathon to raise funds for Greener and Cleaner. She's been training since New Year's Day and aims to complete it in 5 hours. With many weeks of training to go, please support her efforts by sponsoring her today!

Greener and Cleaner

Our goal is simple. To normalise a greener, more sustainable way of life for residents of South East London and beyond. We share information and resources to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact at home, at work, and in our wider communities. We focus on inspiring and helping people find what works for them on a day-to-day basis. Working together with residents, community groups, councils and businesses to make a measurable difference to our environment, we believe small changes have a big impact.

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Rachel runs the London Marathon: Latest Donations

"well done"

Alyson donated £20.00 on 2023/4/26 at 8:22.

"You are amazing! "

Tamasin donated £20.00 on 2023/4/21 at 17:5.

"Been watching your progress, well done! Hope all goes well on the day! "

Alya donated £50.00+ £12.50 on 2023/4/13 at 15:40.

"Well done to you Rachel...so proud of you, take care lovely lady xx"

Tracey donated £50.00 on 2023/4/11 at 15:49.

"Go Rachel"

Gillian donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2023/4/7 at 8:24.

"So proud of you!! Can’t believe you’re doing it all again though 😜.Keep eating those miles though and get to the finish! "

Jessica donated £30.00+ £7.50 on 2023/4/2 at 21:8.

"Good luck tomorrow Rach, you will be amazing Kim & Paul xo"

Kim donated £20.00 on 2023/4/1 at 15:51.