Wray Common's re-Wray race!

by Friends of Wray Common School

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The Story

On Saturday 11th July, Wray Common Primary School kids will be taking to the pavements for a socially-distanced relay race! Each child will run from prearranged locations, along the route, to the next child, and on and on… Between them, they’ll blaze a trail round the local side roads, all the way to the gates of the school! Social-distancing will be in place, so no batons passed and we’re unlikely to break any speed records - but they’ll be running for fun, a sense of community achievement they’ll remember forever and to help support their school when it needs it the most. We are currently raising funds to buy more much-needed tablets for the children to use in school.

Friends of Wray Common School

A socially distanced huge relay race where the children from the school are sponsored to take part. We are attempting to raise £8,000 to buy new tablets for school.

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"Well done Lucas and Jenson! xxx"

Matthew donated £80.00+ £20.00 on 2020/7/25 at 8:6.

Sarah donated £5.00+ £1.25 on 2020/7/16 at 16:39.

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Rhiannon donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2020/7/15 at 19:13.

Ronald donated £100.00 on 2020/7/15 at 13:54.

"Brilliant running Iona and well done for dragging daddy along with you! Lots of love, great granny and grandpa. x"

Matthew donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2020/7/15 at 10:52.

Anonymous donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2020/7/14 at 18:26.