Ilford Town Hall Healing & Salvation Crusade

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The Story

Between 2021 and 2023, pastor Tony Brady of EME Ministries, received a number of prophetic visions and messages that God wanted him to provide an evangelism event in the heart of Ilford, to be held at the Ilford Town Hall in East London. At the time Tony was bewildered and amazed that God had called him and his volunteer team, to embark on such a project, as it had never been considered to hold such a large event at the 500 seat Town Hall listed building. Significantly Tony's Brady's vision was endorsed independently by a number of individuals, who said they had received similar strong insights and prophetic messages and this convinced us that this was indeed a calling to preach repentance, healing and salvation to the lost, for the salvation of souls, in an area known for high levels of homelessness, poverty, crime, prostitution and a high immigrant population. After the Ilford Town Hall event has been completed, our Ministry vision is to hold similar evangelism events in Town Halls all over the UK. We are all living in the end times, and this call from God is for you to be personally involved as a donor, volunteer, sponsor or with logistical support. Holding a large evangelism event of this nature is truly a mountain to climb. We are in need of financial support and logistics. We are also reaching out to another churches to participate and assist us in this righteous endeavour. The Ilford Hall has already been booked for this event to take place on Saturday 17th August 2024. The climb up the mountain has started. Please join us! "And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." Mark 16:15 ESV

Evangelism Made Easy

On Saturday 17th August 2024, EME Ministry will be holding a Mega Evangelism event at the Ilford Town Hall in the heart of Redbridge in East London. Our aim is to share the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ and bring many souls to his Kingdom, as we face these perilous end times, before his 2nd coming! This event will include a worship choir, testimonies, spiritual healing and prayerful support to the lost, grieving, afflicted and marginalised. We also want to offer practical follow-up support and advocacy to those who decide to give or re-dedicate their lives to Christ at this event. We reach out to you whoever you are to support this God-given mission, with financial donations to help us with the cost of holding this non-profit event. We also seek volunteers and sponsors who will help us to bring this evangelism outreach to life in an area of East London which suffers many deprivations and social ills.

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