Walk back to happiness - re-opening after Covid

by Parklands RDA

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We're walking 2485 miles to ensure we can bring smiles to our members faces! Parklands Riding for the Disabled uses horses and small animals to bring happiness to so many people. Like so many, covid has had a huge negative impact on our charity but we are excited to be opening our doors again soon. However, at present we cannot operate as we did before due to social distancing guidelines, so we have created new ideas, games and learning that people can do from the ground rather than riding. We have created badges in different areas of horse and small animal care that are participants can work towards but we need help to make this happen. Also quiet, sensory corners and 'tea with a pony'. Re-opening also has its costs, horses need to be stabled again with livery and extra feed costs, we need equipment and of course all of the dry goods required to ensure we are covid safe, especially as many of our participants are immuno-compromised. With this in my mind myself and Warrick, the RDA coaches are going to virtually walk the pacific crest - thats 2485 miles. We aim to do 100 miles/week minimum! - this could be swimming, walking, running or quite possibly crawling!! We've missed seeing all our wonderful members and that will be enough to motivate us. Any donation however small will help bring us closer to our members and help us open our door to new participants as well. Our facebook page will regularly be updated with our progress and hopefully a little humour along the way. Thank you for supporting us.

Parklands RDA

We are excited that we can start to re-open after the Covid lockdowns and we cannot wait to see our riders and participants again. To help raise funds to re-open myself and warrick (rda coaches) are walking the pacific crest - 2485 miles. We aim to walk/run/swim (probably crawl a little as well) 100miles/week. To get started we need to bring our ponies in and start getting them fit again. As we cannot begin riding for everyone straight away we have created a fun series of modules for ground learning, where our participants can earn badges & certificates. For this we need extra equipment and of course the badges and rosettes. To follow covid guidelines, we need specific disinfectants and other house keeping sundries, to ensure our facilities and equipment are covid safe. Like many charities and business, covid has caused financial hardship, to keep a float we made the tough decision to sell a pony but we cannot wait to thrive again with the help of our supporters.

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