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The Story

Roughly 40 million people have remained in-country and are facing the threat of Russian attack every minute. Some stay by choice — to defend their country and their beliefs. Others stay out of necessity — to care for aging parents, support disabled friends, or simply because they’re unable to find safe passage out of the conflict zones. Russia continues to bomb and shell civilian areas — homes, schools, hospitals — destroying infrastructure that provides basic services like running water or power. Millions of people are are struggling to find access to food and medicine. While many organizations are providing support to the overwhelming number of refugees, our focus at Daar is to provide aid to those Ukrainians remaining in-country, currently in conflict zones. Quite simply, our goal is to help keep them alive. Daar has partnered with a number of US-based organizations to source donated or heavily discounted items for shipment to Ukraine. We’re already actively shipping medical supplies, medicine, water treatment devices, food, personal protective gear, and other badly needed items. Our contacts on the ground in Ukraine are distributing these shipments across all regions to aid the millions of Ukrainians enduring this nightmare.

Daar Charitable Foundation

The Stand With Ukraine Fund offers a concrete way to help those Ukrainians caught in the crossfire of senseless Russian aggression.

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