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The Story

Core Landscapes transforms neglected outdoor sites in deprived urban areas in East London to promote positive mental health for all and is a Core Arts project. We empower people experiencing, or recovering from, mental ill-health to improve life quality by collectively caring for the local environment. The pandemic is challenging for all of us, but for people already experiencing mental health, these challenges can be extreme. Core Landscapes offers safe and inclusive outdoor spaces for mental respite, to learn horticultural skills and wider green education. Together we nurture our roof garden, street-level garden, street planting, meadow area and orchard in the local park. We mitigate climate change and increase bio-diversity. "It gives me something to look forward to each week" Historically a ‘meanwhile’ project, using temporarily available sites, we have relocated 4 times across 3 London boroughs over the past 9 years and now have a permanent base in Hackney E9. Your support for this Polypod will help us greatly expand our work in the local area, kick-starting a new community garden to promote positive mental health and long-term self-care for many more people for years to come. (*This sustainably sourced timber-framed Polypod uses rigid polycarbonate panels and is a cross between a greenhouse and polytunnel. Ideal for our inner-city urban environment for its durability, safety, insulation and light levels.) core-landscapes.co.uk corearts.co.uk

Core Arts

Core Arts’ mission is to break down barriers around severe and enduring mental ill-health to support long-term wellbeing, self-care, and recovery. Core Arts celebrates creativity and personal development working across the Arts, Sports, and Horticulture, enabling people managing mental ill-health to develop their individual skills and talents. In turn, Core members support their wider community through events, exhibitions, and the creation and care of community green spaces. Multi-award-winning Core Arts is 30 years old and based in Hackney East London. Core Arts is being represented at the Chelsea Flower Show May 2022.

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"You are well on your way creating a much needed oasis for all those who need it: Indeed we all need it! Congratulations and very best wishes. Ursula Whitbread "

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