The Three Wars challenge x 33 times

by Odysseas Yiangou

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Appeal for Emergency equipment for Claremont My kung Fu club are carrying out a fundraiser for Clairmont project. We will be performing our first form, San Zhan (Three Wars), 33 times, in one hour at Highbury Fields park, London on 7th May 2022, 2:30pm. Being part of this fundraiser, I would greatly appreciate your support. If you could help me raise as much as possible for the charity that would be amazing. Clairmont ( is a small independent charity and all the services provided are funded as a result of fundraising for them, with the occasional additional gift and legacy. They are a very friendly, open, and welcoming community and provide a large programme of groups, classes and projects aimed at being creative and healthy in body and mind, and at helping to develop real and lasting friendships. Most of the activities are for people aged 55 and over. They also provide a low-cost psychotherapy service for Islington residents (18+). They are not part of some large, National charity, nor are they substantially funded by central or local government (about 5% of funding is from Islington Council). They do not have a lot of money. Can you help raise the funds needed?! How good would it feel to pass by the defibrillator every time you’re in the Centre and know that you helped to buy it?! All the proceeds come directly to the Charity, without commission (they are charged a normal credit card processing fee but it is small). You can also donate directly to the Charity here: What will you be helping with by donating (Appeal from Claremont project): - A defibrillator - Two emergency evacuation chairs + training The defibrillator is something which could save someone’s life. It significantly increases the chance of heart attack survival over manual CPR. The device we have in mind is automatic, meaning that it talks to the responder and tells them what to do – very little, if any, training is needed. This is important because we want the device to be accessible not just to Claremont members and staff during opening hours but to any our building’s users and even to passers-by. According to the British Heart Foundation, it is not just older men who are at risk but older women too, and even young people can go into cardiac arrest for all kinds of reasons. The defibrillator will be wall-mounted inside Claremont, with emergency access by code (the 999 operator will also release the code if it is not known by the user). Cost, including training: £2,250. The evacuation chairs (we need 2) are important in being able to get people who are not easily able to be helped downstairs in the event of a fire. The chairs have tracks, like a tank, rather than wheels, and are designed so that even a small, not very strong person can guide the chair and passenger down stairs with ease. Each chair costs £707 plus we will need some official training in how to use them. The total for the chairs comes to: £2,000. Take a look at the demonstration video to see how they work: At the moment, our fire safety plan (which was approved by the local council’s fire safety inspector) calls for those unable to descend the stairs to shelter in Refuge Zones until the Fire Brigade can evacuate them. We’d prefer, if possible, to help evacuate people ourselves and these chairs make that completely possible. Total Needed: £4,250

Claremont Project

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"Thank you so much for those who sponsored me separately so far up to £120! For anyone else donating please use this page for further donations. Donations are accepted after the event as well. Thank you, Odysseas"

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