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The Story

Claremont Project is a community centre offering various activities and support services for people aged +55. Claremont are currently raising money to improve their on site emergency equipment. The centre requires a Defibrillator, and 2 evacuation chairs, and also money for the training of staff in their use. Tiger Crane Kung Fu club will be taking part in a fundraiser this Saturday 7th May. We will be doing our first pattern (which is a set series of Qi Gong and Kung Fu exercises) a total of 33 times. This is going to be really challenging for mind and body, and we will definitely be in pain! 😅 I will be taking part in this fund raiser, and therefore ask that if you to please donate generously for this great cause and for the pain we will endure for it! A Defibrillator is a life saving piece of equipment, so by donating, you could literally be saving somebodies life. There will be video evidence of the last part of the day, and I will be leaving this open for a week to collect any late donations. Read more about Claremont here: Thank you in advance!

Claremont Project


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"Kick ass and save lives"

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