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Here we outline our current ongoing projects and the financial commitments we have made to support them. Whilst £167,500 may seem like an ambitious goal, we are confident that our supporters will continue to change the lives of children through education, empowerment and opportunities. Every donation can make a difference to a child and we are very grateful for your kindness and support. PROJECTS IN AFRICA Auro Foundation - Tororo, Uganda - £30,000 Auro Foundation has established a vocational college (Auro Technical School), where they teach carpentry, bricklaying and tailoring skills. In phase 1 of the project we raised £25,000, to build new classrooms and vocational training facilities. In phase 2 we have committed £30,000 to fund new kitchen, sanitation facilities and further infrastructure improvements. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/auro Cerebral Palsy Foundation - Mombasa, Kenya - £57,000 Cerebral Palsy Foundation is a day school and an outreach programme to support and educate children with Cerebral Palsy. We are extending the capacity of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation Centre by funding the construction of an additional floor on the centre. The cost of this is £50,000 of which we have already received generous support of £25,000 from the Lions Club of Enfield. In addition we have been supporting children and running costs at this centre since 2007, we have committed to support £7,000 this year. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/cerebralpalsy Sapling Trust Foundation - Mombasa, Kenya- £4500 Sapling Trust teaches and supports special needs children from the youngest possible age to develop them to their highest potential. This project provides a high level of individual care for children, including sensory, physiotherapy and academic education. We sponsor the cost for a number of children to attend this centre. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/sapling-trust Rainbow Unit- Mombasa, Kenya - £30,000 This is a construction project partnered with Rainbow Unit, Make a Difference Schools Mombasa. We are supporting the building of a special needs primary school in Mombasa to provide the much needed opportunity for these children to receive an education and support. PROJECTS IN INDIA Navchetan Andhjan Mandal- Madhapar Bhuj - £13,000 The largest centre for naturally challenged children in Kutch. Over 1000 children come to study here together. We support their running costs and other activities, including vocational training and female sanitation based projects. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/navchetan Sarva Seva Mandal & Adivasi Sanskar Mandal - Bilimora Gujarat- £14,500 This project supports Adivasi (tribal) families of the Dang area, who would not be able to afford hostel fees to provide their children with residential care. Here we have built a boys and girls hostel and are now supporting the construction of much required facilities, such as an appropriate kitchen and dining area. Without this accommodation, these children would not be able to attend school. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/bilimora Kelvani Mandal- Vadia, Gujarat - £2500 Here we sponsor children who can not afford school fees. We also support other activities such as after school tuition. Our ongoing annual commitment for this is approximately £2500. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/kelvanimandal HBCA School, Manali, Himachal Pradesh - £16,000 We have been funding the construction of the school, over the years we have supported the build of classrooms, dormitories, administrative offices and other facilities. Currently we are also supporting £16,000 towards running costs and teachers salaries. For more information, please visit: careducation.org/projects/hbca-school-manali

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We work within the less developed parts of the world such as India and Africa where millions of children live below the poverty line. 70 million children around the world cannot go to school. We do not operate under one single roof, but instead partner up with local charities, trusts and associations around the world.

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