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The Story

Auro Foundation is committed to investing in the infrastructure we need to serve our students and give them the best quality education possible. Supporting our projects is a long term investment in the sustainability of the school. There are 4 projects which we are currently raising money for: (1) Boarding facilitates – Infrastructure needed to open up boarding facilities for girls. (Items include beds, mattresses, bedsheets, new shower facilities, matron etc…) (2) Hotel management and catering department upgrade – Infrastructure needed to equip the department. (Items include pots, stoves, utensils, aprons, mixers, cutting boards etc…) (3) Brick Laying and Concrete Practice department upgrade - (Items include concrete mixer, tile cutters, vibrations plates, spirit levels, wheel barrows, hammers etc…) (4) School upgrade – Infrastructure needed to upgrade our general support facilities (Items include purchasing whiteboards, flip chart stands, school computer, printer, tent for extra outdoor classroom, filing cabinets, storage facilities, first aid kit etc…) When investing in the above infrastructure we undergo a rigorous process to ensure that we procure quality equipment at the best possible prices.

CAREducation Trust Ltd

CAREducation Trust supports Auro Foundation and its project in Uganda. Auro Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing young adults the opportunity to learn practical skills to become self-sufficient. Auro Foundation operates a vocational technical institute in a rural part of eastern Uganda. We serve 200 students, teaching carpentry, hairdressing, bricklaying, catering and tailoring skills. Our commitment is that our students receive the love, guidance and nurturing that will empower them to live meaningful, happy and responsible lives. Our focus is on teaching our students practical skills that will support them to start earning money quickly. We support them with placement schemes, internship programs and immediately upon graduation we introduce them to prospective employees

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"Best wishes for your future endeavours - Anon"

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"Very well done. Please keep inspiring the younger Ugandans"

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"20 - Ajay pancholi 50 - Pramod 100 - Chandrika 100 - Rasik and Hansa 51 - Bhupendra Karia 25 - Vinod Kotecha 101 - Mr Nagar"

Bharat donated £442.00+ £110.50 on 2022/3/16 at 12:39.

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