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The Story

Auro Foundation is committed to investing in the infrastructure we need to serve our students and give them the best quality education possible. Supporting our projects is a long-term investment in the sustainability of the school. There are currently 6 projects which we are currently raising money for: ** Office and and storage area - £20,018 ** With the purchase of equipment for the catering, tailoring, BCP and hairdressing departments in 2023, and the commitment of further procurement in 2024, there is a need to build an area for safe storage. There is also an urgent need for an office / admin area to make space for computers, filing cabinets and a meeting room. ** Maintenance of existing structures - £4,352 ** There is a need to carry out some urgent maintenance work on the existing buildings. This includes fixing some plumbing pipes, connecting the existing toilets to the water mains, repairing the roof, replastering some parts of the kitchen, purchasing 6 fire extinguishers, site fumigation and adding heavy duty shelving in the kitchen larder. ** 6 stance toilets, showers, water tank and sceptic tank - £6,321 ** In order to accommodate the boarding girls, there is a need to build 6 toilets and shared shower facilities. This will be in a separate building adjacent to the dormitory, and include a sceptic tank, semi tiled interior walls and squatter toilets, which will be connected to the main line water. ** Matron room, and security posts (2) - £2,176 ** In order to support the students with their health and security, and also provide facilities to monitor the dormitory, there is a need to make a space for the matron to stay and build 2 security posts. **Dormitory / classroom - £57,680 ** This is the main investment that we need to make. The new building includes 2 adjacent dormitory rooms which can accommodate 130 students in 65 bunk beds. Both rooms will be separated by an openable sliding door, and will have 2 entrances, concrete ceiling, red oxide concrete flooring and double-sided roofing. The design will be such that in the event at a future point we decide to not opt for boarding, the rooms can be easily converted into classrooms which can accommodate 80 students each (total 160) ** Purchase of beds, sheets, mattresses and equipment for sick bay - £8,460 ** In order to furnish the dormitory, we need to procure 65 bunk beds, mattresses, bed sheets and pillows. We also need to equip the sick bay with basic medical items. It is possible to contribute to a specific project, or make a general donation. Your support, no matter how small or large is welcome. When investing in the above infrastructure we undergo a rigorous process to ensure that we procure quality equipment at the best possible prices. Donating through Gift Aid means Auro Foundation can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. We allocate 95% of funds received directly to activities on the ground that benefit our students directly. The Board of Directors, and the Board of Governors provide their services on a purely voluntary basis and only 5% of your donation is on essential administrative costs. We know that your hard-earned money should be respected and we are extremely careful around how we manage our donations. Records are kept impeccably and a number of checks and balances are in place to ensure the appropriate use of donated money and we go to great lengths to ensure that we gain value of money.

CAREducation Trust Ltd

Your donation is managed and monitored by CAREducation Trust - a UK registered charity which supports Auro Foundation and its project in Uganda. Auro Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing young adults the opportunity to learn practical skills to become self-sufficient. Auro Foundation operates a vocational technical institute in a rural part of eastern Uganda. We serve 300 students, teaching carpentry, hairdressing, bricklaying, catering and tailoring skills. Our commitment is that our students receive the love, guidance and nurturing that will empower them to live meaningful, happy and responsible lives. Our focus is on teaching our students practical skills that will support them with sustainability. We support our students with placement schemes, internship programs and introduce our students to prospective employees so that they can obtain meaningful employment or start their own business.

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