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The Story

Being a newly added member of Project Care Volunteering, I’ll be accompanying and co-leading one of Project Care’s student volunteering trips to Navchetan Andhjan Mandal School, a school for children with a range of physical and mental impairments in Bhuj, Gujarat, in India. As part of this, I’ll be spending time with these adolescents who are facing such difficulties, educating them and assisting them in breaking down these barriers to education. This is to support Project Care Volunteering and raise funds for their initiative to invest in the futures of underprivileged children, providing them with opportunities to enhance their lives. 100% of your donations reach the grassroots level, towards the projects that we advocate for. No trustee or officer is paid any remuneration nor reimbursed for any costs or expenses incurred, including travel and accommodation costs. Project Care operates in less developed parts of the world, primarily India and Africa, where millions of children live in abject poverty. Therefore, the charitable foundation does not function under one single roof; it collaborates with local charities, trusts and organisations to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Every child deserves the right to an education and a life free from abuse, poverty and discrimination. For more information on Project Care, CAREducation Trust and our ongoing projects, please visit Your contributions and support for this cause are highly acknowledged and appreciated!

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