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Project Care is a non-profitable organisation led by a group of volunteers where 100% of donations received reach the grassroots projects. In September, I will be volunteering in a school in Manali with Project Care. The Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association School is a school located in a remote part of the Himalayan mountains and is the only school in this area to provide both educational and residential facilities. The children attending the school are often incredibly deprived and some travel up to 7 days through mountainous terrains to reach the school at the start of each school term. There is scope for volunteers to present bespoke classes on areas not covered by their existing curriculum such as geography and politics. Volunteers often also run fun and varied extracurricular classes, such as sports, arts and crafts and dance sessions. Prior to this trip we will be raising funds to help support The Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association School. Any contributions to help these underprivileged children would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Deeva x

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"Have the best time!! Xxx"

Humreen donated £10.00 on 2022/5/5 at 11:42.

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"You will make an incredible difference!! Sapna and Rikesh xxx"

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"Amazing - wish you all the best Deeva"

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"Well done Deeva! Hope it all goes well. Lots of love Binal, Saleem, Mia & Kai xx"

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"Good Luck Deeva - hope its a rewarding experience! Love Milan Mama, Sunita Mami, Niam & Kamran "

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"Great cause! Well done Deeva! Kaka, Kaki, Siena, Saayan and Arlo x"

Reena donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2022/4/14 at 9:20.