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Adapt Peacebuilding envisions healthier and more empathetic societies, in which people and organisations are empowered with the knowledge and skills to transform conflict and overcome injustice, regardless of their privileges or places of origin. To accomplish this, we: - Implement assistance programs in global conflict zones, which foster constructive dialog and collaborative action across conflict divides. - Partner with governments, multilateral organisations, and non-profit organisations around the world to drive innovation and greater impact from their peacebuilding strategies and methods. - Deliver state of the art trainings, combining academic insights and practitioner reflections, that improves rigour in global peacebuilding practice. Adapt was established in 2013 in Myanmar, inspired by the inability of international assistance providers to reach people in some conflict-affected locations of that country, or to support them in ways that allowed them to design and implement their own solutions to the conflict. Ending violent conflict sustainably requires an approach that is responsive to unique conditions and cultures, that can learn and improve as needs change in dynamic contexts, and that nurtures local ownership of the processes of peacebuilding at multiple levels of society, rather than generating a long-term overreliance on external assistance. It became our mission to equip other organisations with the necessary tools to accomplish this, so as to improve the peacebuilding methods and strategies among the international community more broadly. We have since become a leading source of academic and practical insight on peacebuilding innovation, and have advised more than two dozen United Nations organisations, governments, and non-profit organisations around the world since. We also provide free and paid access to education programs in peacebuilding and related fields, which seek to democratise access to knowledge on conflict resolution around the world. From the bottom of our hearts - the Adapt Peacebuilding team thanks you!

Adapt Peacebuilding

With your generous contribution, Adapt Peacebuilding can: - Offer greater direct support to people affected by violent conflict everyday, - Increase the volume and accessibility of quality training and resources for conflict resolution, and - Support leading global organisations to improve their methods and strategies to drive more effective outcomes. This work drives a more just and peaceful world, which is only possible with your support.

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