Julia’s Boston and London marathon challenge

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The Story

I was lucky enough to gain a place in both the Boston and London marathons this year, after the initial shock of qualifying for both I realised they were only 6 days apart! I have been faced with a few extra challenges in recent months but this is nothing compared to my good friend Mike and his family and what they have been through this year. Last May Mike, a fit and healthy 42 year old police officer, who has never smoked, received the shocking news that he had lung cancer. Not only that but that it was inoperable and had spread to his hip, spine and brain. Mike, his wife Caz (a nurse), and their 2 beautiful children (9&11) are like family to us. It has been truly heart-breaking to watch them go through this pain, uncertainty and turmoil. Their whole lives changed forever on that one day on receiving this devastating news. Mike has ALK+ and NSCLC, a cruel indiscriminate disease with no known cause, and no known cure. Following radiotherapy and steroids he is now taking life long daily medications which targets this gene mutation and the specific area in the cell that leads to cancer. Eventually his body will stop responding to this drug, and other drugs like it. The thought doesn’t bare thinking about….we need to fight. It is vital that we fundraise for more research to help find a cure. The Goddards are the most wonderful family you could ever hope to meet. They would do anything for anyone, so it’s time to give back, to say thank you, to support them in this journey and help beat this awful disease. Together we can do this. If you can spare just a little it will help, all funds will go straight to this research charity as I already have my place for the races so no hidden costs. Thank you so much for listening, I truly appreciate it.

ALK+ International

ALK+ International is a patient and family-led charity, created with a single mission: To improve the life expectancy for ALK+ cancer patients. We aim to achieve this by fundraising for ALK+ research, providing grants, advocacy and education. Our team is committed to making a difference and is passionate about our goal. alkinternational.org ALK+ cancer is a type of genetic mutation cancer with no known cause, and no known cure once it has spread to other parts of the body. It is caused by a mutation or fusion of the ALK gene. ALK+ cancers are found in patients of all ages, although on average these patients tend to be younger. ALK+ lung cancer occurs in approximately 5% of all non small cell lung cancer patients. However, it occurs in approximately 30% of lung cancer patients diagnosed under age 40. Around half of ALK+ lung cancer patients are diagnosed before the age of 50. It is estimated that there are approximately 100,000 ALK+ lung cancer patients diagnosed worldwide every year. It is estimated that there are more than 10,000 ALK+ lung cancer patients living in the UK. The overall ALK+ figure is likely to be higher, given that ALK+ mutations drive other cancers. Since the discovery of ALK+ cancer in 2007, there have been incredible advances in the range of life saving treatments. As with other cancers linked with genetic mutations, ALK+ cancer is treated with targeted therapies - a class of drugs that precisely target and inhibit cancer cell growth with considerably fewer side effects than traditional treatments. While this makes ALK+ cancer treatable, it is still incurable. ALK+ patients will develop resistance to their medication or experience further mutations, rendering their treatment ineffective. Research is needed into further treatments, to provide either more targeted therapies or diversify treatment options.

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"Well done Julia, what an achievement and a very worthy cause! Lots of love Rich & Lucy "

Lucy donated £20.00+ £5.00 on 2024/4/23 at 21:14.

"Well done Julia "

Billy donated £50.00 on 2024/4/22 at 19:5.

Margaret donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2024/4/22 at 18:21.

"Such amazing people, xx Congratulations on completing not one but two!!! From Caz work colleague, Debbie Mc"

Debbie donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2024/4/22 at 8:40.

"Huge congratulations on two in one week marathons and a fabulous time! Most of all well done for the fundraising to help find new treatments. Beccy & Ian (WRFC)"

Rebecca donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2024/4/21 at 22:40.

"You are an absolutely, amazing human being and I’m so incredibly proud of you! Most people do one marathon, you did 2 within a matter of days! Your dad will be so proud of you and for such a precious cause. You are truly one in a million xx"

Melanie donated £20.00 on 2024/4/21 at 20:0.

"Congratulations Julia on your achievement on your 2 marathons. Thinking of your friends and sending best wishes x"

Louise donated £10.00+ £2.50 on 2024/4/21 at 19:22.