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We work in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka where we run a free, one-year full-time diploma course for 150 18 to 24 year olds to give them the skills to have choices and to change their communities. Alongside English Speech and Grammar, I.T and Busi...See more
In Their Flip Flops - The Volunteer Tea Pick Fundraiser

In Their Flip Flops - The Volunteer Tea Pick Fundraiser

opportunity-location BR1 5RH London
opportunity-dates 27 Jul 2017 - 27 Jul 2018
As part of our amazing volunteer programme, we offer volunteers the chance to live the life of a tea picker for half a day. Volunteers visit a local, private and ethical tea estate where they are allocated a tea picking lady as their mentor. They work alongside the tea pickers, developing their skills and understanding just how tough life on the tea estates is. After lining up with the workers to weigh their tea, volunteers are told how much they would have earned - this is, of course, shockingly little. The amount earned is added to their mentor's pay packet, a lovely bonus. If possible, our friend and the owner of the Kelaniya Tea Estate, Mr Balendran, will then organise a tour around the working tea factory (and maybe even a cup of tea!) Volunteers gain an incredible insight into life on the tea estate and fundraise to support the work of Tea Leaf Vision centre - a massive win/win.
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In Their Flip Flops - The Volunteer Tea Pick Fundraiser

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