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We work in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka where we run a free, one-year full-time diploma course for 150 18 to 24 year olds to give them the skills to have choices and to change their communities. Alongside English Speech and Grammar, I.T and Busi...See more
Emergency Response to C-19

Emergency Response to C-19

opportunity-location 18 Haddington Rd, Bromley BR1 5RH, UK
opportunity-dates 31 Mar - 30 Apr 2020
To support the tea estate communities of Sri Lanka, particularly the elderly, to get the medication and basic supplies they need whilst unable to work or leave their houses due to curfew and Coronavirus. The government imposed curfew only allows people to leave their homes for 6 hours every four days, this is not enough time to walk to the nearest town for food as public transport is not running. A huge number of daily workers, including those from the tea estates, are unable to work and are now without the ability to purchase even basic food, this is resulting in vulnerability and increasing incidents of domestic violence. Even in 'normal' times, 90% of our students live off less than $1 a day. We have a huge network of staff, students and alumni from over 40 different estates who are able to identify those living in extreme poverty and most in need of support. Through this network, we have already distributed emergency provisions to 350 families but we have a growing list of those in need that we are unable to keep up with. A food parcel for a family for two weeks costs £12.50.
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