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Changing the world with and for quiet people. What we’re doing: • Bringing quiet people together to boost wellbeing and confidence, increasing their sense of belonging and worthiness and helping them to live a more connected and fulfilled life. • S...See more
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Support Quiet Connections

opportunity-dates 01 Jan 2018 - 31 Dec 2024
Quiet Connections has been around for six years. Here’s what we’ve done: • Almost 1500 coaching sessions provided for 300 people. • Over 1000 people have met likeminded people, made new friendships, and explored new places together through our community activities. • Around 1500 people have attended a course or training with us, growing their confidence and wellbeing, or exploring what more they can do to support someone experiencing social anxiety. • We’ve reached over 15,000 people through our awareness activities, plus 80 mentions in the media. For one person, Quiet Connections has enabled them to walk into town for the first time. Another has started regularly leaving her house, volunteering and attending our groups. Someone else felt confident enough to return to education. A number of people have gone on to set up their own businesses to help others, or make a career change, and beautiful friendships are blossoming from Quiet Connections all the time – just like the two ladies that joined a running club together, and the lady that travelled from Somerset to Cornwall to meet her new friend she’d met on our online course. Many of the people benefitting from our community are either unable to work, seeking work or on a low income, and can only access this support that's so important to them because of your generous donations. Thank you.
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supporting our quieteers

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Through providing safe, supported opportunities to connect, stretch and grow, we're enhancing wellbeing, self-acceptance and belongingness in individuals who are quieter. Their friendships, family and work relationships and health can often improve, too. This has a ripple effect, as they (and we) start more conversations, raise awareness and campaign, consider how they can bring more inclusive practices into other organisations they're a part of, and make contributions to the world in their own unique way - almost always helping others!