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1) for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of animals in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such animals. 2) to promote human...See more
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Community Work Party Projects

Community Work Party Projects

opportunity-location CV23 9HX Rugby
opportunity-dates 24 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2020
Immediate list is as follows: - Hard paved path down to field gate (materials: slabs, cement, hard-core) . Suitable for 2-4 people, 1-2 days Note: This is a long term project. The entrance to Paw Prints park, the immediate area in front of the main field gate and around 65% of the path has now been done which goes a long way to making this area safe when semi-flooded/very muddy. - Finish refurbishment of Dog Play structure. Originally installed by a previous JLR team, the plywood component has not weathered well. Around 95% has now been replaced Suitable for 1-2 people, 1 day - Install new fencing Phase 2: Fencing off waste land ~ 50m The main field fencing is not secure or missing in places. Note: Phase 1 put in place a gate between the field and the waste land at the North-East section. Note: This is another long term project which will probably take a couple of years to complete. Suitable for 3-6 people, 1-2 days - Refurbish Waste Burning Area with mesh panels (existing) Move ashes from bonfire onto waste land above to begin levelling and suppress nettles. Suitable for 1-3 people, 1 day - New door for Training hut Door, fixings Suitable for 1-2 people, 1 day - Place drainage pipe in channel running through waste land and bury Suitable for 2-3 people, 2 days - General Gardening and painting (fences, outside walls) Suitable for 2-4 people, 2 days
icon-status Donation/Grant Opportunity
Target Goal £150
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Project Name

Community Work Party Projects

Helping beneficiaries

Volunteers will benefit from improved access to the exercise areas, particularly in wet and icy weather. The fencing improvements will allow more dogs to be run off the lead.

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