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The charity's objects are, for the public benefit, to provide or assist in the provision of facilities, food, goods and support in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such fa...See more
Host posted a project update for Ukraine appeal
22 March 2022, 07:45
We received a large donation of Feminin products and children's nappies that will be driven to Romania for Ukrainian refugees. Thanks to the residents at Fairacers Finchley for their generosity
Host posted a project update for Afghanistan refugee support
21 August 2021, 15:32
*Risa, a Young Afghan mother with 2 children (under 18) and a baby due Aug 2021. Was recommended to us by another Foodbank that was too far for her to travel to while pregnant. To support the increasing needs of her family. Ensured she had access t...See more
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