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1. to advance the religion of Islam across the UK by means of, but not exclusively, promoting the teachings and tenants of Islam, provision of facilities for worship and Islamic education, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and of the prop...See more
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Emergency & Winter Appeal (2020)

Emergency & Winter Appeal (2020)

opportunity-dates 22 Feb - 15 Mar 2020
Syrian people right now are suffering due to huge amount of displaced people and new coming people from different area to the boarder to be in the safe area. NOW, Most of those people are homeless, there is a huge need for tents fuel to warm little children, nappies, water, food and other urgent aids, our team trying to help as much as they can but unfortunately still there is a huge gap, hopefully, through your generous donations will try together to minimise this gap and help needy and poor over there .
icon-status Donation/Grant Opportunity
Target Goal £5000
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Nour Al-Sham Foundation


Project Name

Emergency & Winter Appeal (2020)

Helping beneficiaries

Families of Poor & Most needy people .