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The McCabe Educational Trust is the charitable wing of McCabe Pilgrimages, functions independently with its own board of Directors and is a registered charity. The trust was launched in 1991 at Lambeth Palace when we were honoured by George Carey, th...See more
Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre

Bethlehem Rehabilitation Centre

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opportunity-dates 01 Nov 2016 - 01 Nov 2017
The Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation works tirelessly to enhance the lives of the physically and mentally disabled. Their main purpose is to re-integrate people with all kinds of disability back into their society and help them achieve a degree of independence. Today, BASR is a non-profit non-government organization that is nationally recognized for the comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services it gives to beneficiaries from all over Palestine. The hospital is open to all, regardless of gender, age, religion or social class and is committed to enhancing the overall quality of a patient’s life. The hospital has a holistic approach to treatment with specialist departments in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and also surgery. Integration into community life is a key objective. An example is the way they care for children with serious injuries or disabilities. The aim is to give intensive residential treatment over a 3-6 month period, after which they return to their families. Early intervention often helps prevent more serious disability. Following their treatment, some children go on to schools for the 'able-bodied' and others to special schools in their local area. The results over a period of time have been to enhance the overall quality of life for hundreds of disabled children and their families, helping them to live with respect and dignity. The alternative for these children would be a severely limited existence shut away from the world with little hope for the child or parents. Are you a doctor or nurse? Would you be prepared to spend some time as a voluntary worker? Edmund would love to hear from you. The McCabe Educational Trust may be able to help with a grant towards your travelling expenses. Ask us for more information or look at the BASR website.
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