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Supporting and facilitating Longparish village activities so we can enjoy life together. The Longparish Community Association (LCA) is a membership organisation and a registered charity founded by the village in 2006. Its aims are to enhance the live...See more
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BIN THE INCINERATOR - Supporting 'Keep Test Valley Beautiful' campaign

BIN THE INCINERATOR - Supporting 'Keep Test Valley Beautiful' campaign

opportunity-location SP11 6PZ Longparish
opportunity-dates 01 Jun - 31 Dec 2019
BIN THE INCINERATOR – KEEP TEST VALLEY BEAUTIFUL Help fight plans for a huge waste incinerator as big as Battersea power station or two Winchester Cathedrals’ overlooking the Test Valley. Keep Test Valley Beautiful and Longparish Community Association are jointly fundraising to campaign and pay for professional evidence. Please donate £5, £10 or £1000; whatever you can afford. The US company Wheelabrator is trying to persuade the Government to let them to build a “waste to heat and power” plant alongside the A303 just East of Andover. They may operate round the clock causing noise, pollution and flooding the countryside with light. Hundreds of vehicles -mostly heavy lorries would arrive or leave averaging one every four minutes. Those lorries will be travelling from up to 2 hours away, possibly more, as Hampshire already burns its own rubbish. All this will add much to global warming at a time when we are reaching the climate change point of no return. The drivers won’t work directly for Wheelabrator They will be told not to but nothing will stop them using country roads avoiding blockages on the A34 and A303 With no factories close by there’s no use for the heat. So an 8 km trench will be dug to reach the National Grid. The plant will cast a huge shadow over part of a nearby solar farm, reducing its green power output. To us it just doesn’t make sense. To them it means money in the bank. Longparish Community Association are hosting this appeal and in the unlikely event any money is left over it will be used to benefit the community. Our campaign will cost a lot. For example, funding environmental reports as evidence will each cost £10,000 or more. We are investigating various ways to raise funds, but please help by donating here.
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Target Goal £25000
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CLOSED!! BIN THE INCINERATOR - Supporting 'Keep Test Valley Beautiful' campaign

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Everyone - 'Waste to Energy 'incinerators emit huge amounts of Greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and also act as a disincentive to improved recycling. The electricity they do produce, creates more CO2 and other greenhouse gases per unit generated than even coal or oil fired power stations. While proponents for incineration argue that incineration is better than landfill, there are much better solutions available today than incineration. These include, reducing production of non-renewables (plastics); re-using and recycling more; separation of food waste and organic materials that are so harmful in our landfills, for composting and digestion; Incineration wastes valuable resources and is potentially harming our environment in ways that aren't fully understood today by harming air quality, and releasing PM2.5 particles.

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