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The KindLink Foundation is a registered charity in the UK no. 1177210 , operating Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) as restricted funds. All donations are restricted donations to the KindLink Foundation, which will then be disbursed accordingly.
The Amazon Fire Emergency Appeal

The Amazon Fire Emergency Appeal

opportunity-location Brazil
opportunity-dates 20 Sep - 31 Dec 2019
The Amazon - its wilderness is critical to the health of everyone on the planet and is a home for more than 10% of all known species as well as one the most important carbon storehouses left on Earth. And it is on fire. This vitally important and fragile ecosystem needs our help. Every penny contributed by you will go directly to the organisations on-the-ground who: - contaminate & monitor the risky, fire-hazard areas - directly respond to fires - support local communities at the directly affected areas - develop & execute post-fire recovery procedures to preserve wildlife.
icon-status Donation/Grant Opportunity
Target Goal £2500
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Project Name

The Amazon Fire Emergency Appeal

Helping beneficiaries

People of the local communities who were helped by our partners.

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