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Herts Inclsusive Theatre

icon-location Holywell Community Centre, Watford, WD18 9QD, United Kingdom

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Herts Inclusive Theatre offer children, young people and adults, many of whom have learning and physical disabilities, the opportunity to participate in drama, dance and music in an inclusive and safe environment. We use the performing arts to break ...See more
Herts Inclusive Theatre

Herts Inclusive Theatre

opportunity-location Chaffinch Ln, Watford WD18 9QD, United Kingdom
opportunity-dates 01 Apr - 30 Jun 2020
Such a brilliant local charity now faces closure due to self-isolation, school closures and risk to vulnerable participants, volunteers and staff. They rely heavily on income from activities that cannot run as venues are shut, they are not being commissioned to run and not receiving funding to run. Having made such a positive impact on all the participants lives, gaining confidence, giving them a routine, it is so sad to see this happen. It cannot be helped but I want to try and give them the opportunity to start again once these strange times are over. Let's try and get them back up and running. I have had the privilege of working for this fantastic charity for the last two years and don't want to see all their hard work go under like this.....I know this situation is affecting lots of people; business, charities...etc, but please give what you can.
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Target Goal £3000
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Herts Inclsusive Theatre


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