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Finchale aims to be the provider of choice for holistic services which support individuals and their families in specialist and disadvantaged groups to achieve their full potential. We support people to make positive and lasting life changes to form ...See more
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Finchale Garden - Shipping Container

Finchale Garden - Shipping Container

opportunity-location Unnamed Road, Durham DH1 1TN, UK
opportunity-dates 01 Feb - 31 Mar 2020
Finchale Community Garden – We are looking for a secure, water tight shipping container. The reason for this ask is that we need secure storage for the tools, the rest of the container would be a workshop and space for veterans to rest and relax whilst gardening. Providing a space for both quiet reflection and active participation, the garden will be located on land next to our office in Belmont, Durham. Having secured a fifteen-year lease, we are aiming to create an oasis of tranquillity in what is normally a busy commercial centre. People will either be able to come and enjoy some quiet time or help with the development and upkeep of the garden. The design and development of the garden is going to be largely done by our dedicated volunteers, many of who are ex-service men and women. Often when people leave the military they can struggle to adapt to civilian life and may feel quite isolated. The lack of structure and loss of identity may make it difficult for veterans to settle straight back into their community and resume family life. The garden will provide an opportunity for them to come together and meet with other like-minded individuals whilst taking part in a relaxing and rewarding physical activity. Gardening is known for its therapeutic benefits and re-connecting with nature can help to enhance moods and create a sense of well-being. Over 56% of our service users identify as having a long-term mental health disability and often this will sit alongside other complex problems such as homelessness, addictions and unemployment. Tending a garden can provide much needed stress relief and provide a sense of purpose. Anyone who wants to come along and volunteer in the garden will be able to do so and last year, we supported over 500 people. The garden will also bring together different generations and encourage the sharing of skills. As part of its wider remit, Finchale engages with local schools and provides an alternative curriculum for those young people who struggle with formal education. Many of the students are keen to get involved with the design and upkeep of the garden. It will provide a place for them to come and learn about horticulture from our volunteers and also to mix with a wide cross section of the local community. With support they will be shown how to grow flowers and vegetables which will then be able to be used as part of their cookery lessons.
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Finchale Garden

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