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We provide information, advice and support for disabled people in Huntingdonshire, Fenland, Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire. If you need help with benefits forms and can’t travel to our office we can arrange for one of our caseworkers to visit y...See more
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Health Assessment Help Pack

Health Assessment Help Pack

opportunity-location CB23 3UY Papworth Everard
opportunity-dates 01 Jun - 17 Dec 2018
Going for a health assessment for PIP or ESA is a stressful time. We want to create a booklet with some easy tips to help disabled people going through these assessments get their best possible result and ease some of the stress along the way. It will include some easy ways to prepare, what to expect during an assessment and some information about our local assessment centres.
icon-status Donation/Grant Opportunity
Target Goal £1600
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Health Assessment Help Pack

Helping beneficiaries

Family, friends and carers of disabled people going to health assessments to help them help their loved one.

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