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The Colombian Caravana is a small and dynamic UK charity, at the centre of an international network of jurists to support lawyers and legal professionals in Colombia. The Caravana is a pioneering initiative based on solidarity, education and advocacy...See more
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Support the sixth Caravana delegation

Support the sixth Caravana delegation

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opportunity-dates 07 May - 28 Oct 2018
Instead of buying me a gift for my birthday or a beer next time you see me, will you help me support the Caravana delegation this September? We're organising our Sixth International Delegation of Lawyers and Judges to Colombia in 2018. It's a huge undertaking. I've worked with the Caravana since 2010 and we're a small group of really committed volunteers and we punch well above our weight in terms of what we achieve. As Chair, I am currently spending about 2 days a week unpaid working on the Caravana but when it's delegation time that increases. ALOT. And during the delegation it's flat out. It's far from a holiday but it's also incredibly important and I know it makes a difference to my Colombian colleagues who are working just as intensively not, not for one week but every single day.
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Support the sixth Caravana delegation

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An international legal delegation can gain access to places and people that sometimes are almost impossible for our colleagues. We have meetings with local and national authorities responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes, for the running of prisons, and for the implementation of the protection programme that is supposed to protect human rights defenders. And in those meetings we can advocate for effective investigations, the welfare of political prisons and for the proper protection of our Colombian colleagues. The delegation will be looking in-depth at the peace process, transitional justice mechanisms and the route for victims to be heard and receive justice. By adding out international legal support to peace and human rights in Colombia, we hope in a small part to contribute to justice for victims of grave violations.

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