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For the public benefit: 1) the relief of people in need by reason of ill health, financial hardship or other social and/or economic disadvantage in particular people who are refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in need by providing and assist...See more
Sponsor Hugh Massam for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

Sponsor Hugh Massam for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

19 Jan - 19 Mar 2020
Hi I’m Hugh. I live in Cambridge with my family and took my daughter over so we could volunteer and help in the Jungle back when it was there. That was confronting enough – I simply can’t imagine how it is to be a foreign refugee with minimal French, sleeping rough on the streets of Calais or Paris, in winter, knowing you’re not wanted there – so I wanted to do a bit to help. If I’m honest the sleeping outside for one night will not be too bad for me, I’m fit and healthy and I can go home to my comfortable house the next day - just like many of today’s refugees used to (most refugees that I spoke to had left comfortable homes behind when they were forced to flee). But I hope my sleepout is a chance for me to reflect on how it could happen quite easily: fate could suddenly intervene and a string of bad luck could put any of us on the streets. There are so many calls on our money these days: but your funds will go directly to providing key basics for homeless and vulnerable people both here in Cambridge and among refugee communities.
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Sponsor Hugh Massam for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

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