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For the public benefit: 1) the relief of people in need by reason of ill health, financial hardship or other social and/or economic disadvantage in particular people who are refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in need by providing and assist...See more
Sponsor Glenys and Nessa for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

Sponsor Glenys and Nessa for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

08 Feb - 15 Mar 2020
Glenys and Nessa are doing a joint sponsorship as we are both rubbish at asking for money. For anyone that know us, you may not raise an eyebrow at us sleeping outside and doing something ridiculous and why should you donate money for something that may not exactly be a standard night out, but not far off? Well, it is for a cause that is close to our hearts, homelessness and refugees. We are both lucky enough to have warm homes and friends and family that would put us up/put up with us should that not be the case and we are, each and every one of us, a short skip and a hop of misfortune away from being on the streets. Cambridge is a wonderful city but housing is mad expensive and difficult to come by. Together with this government's heartless actions, it has meant that homelessness in Cambridge is forever on the increase. Refugees in the UK, and across Europe, are facing ever harsher situations with decreasing hope. When you donate to charities, you never really know where the money ends up but with CamCrag you do! Every penny gets to where it needs to go and we have seen CamCrag, and the results of its hard work, in action. Please donate what you are able or share this or be kind or be a voice for those who are being deprived of theirs or all of the above. Thank you x
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Sponsor Glenys and Nessa for The Big Cambridge-Calais Sleepout 2020

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Refugees and the homeless