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The advancement of education the protection of health and the relief of poverty of the people of Africa
Harry's race for life part 2

Harry's race for life part 2

opportunity-location EX39 5TA Bideford
opportunity-dates 30 Apr - 24 Jun 2018
I'm running the triathlon again this year for two reasons, one reason is that it forces me to get healthy and not take for granted how important that is! But more importantly, the money it raised last year actually made a difference to peoples lives, so the charity I am supporting again this year is Action Ethiopia. The money we raised last year helped fund the construction of a well - providing a catchment area of hundreds of people access to clean water, something we all sometimes take for granted. The reason I am raising money for Action Ethiopia is that they are very specific in what they are doing and where your money is going. I am sure if you wanted to donate towards a specific project, they would be happy to email you the exact location you are helping and you could Google map it! It is this transparency that makes charities like this so special. Naturally, there is a satisfaction in giving, but to know exactly who and where you are helping, makes it even more personal. This year we are helping with WASH water project. I would encourage you to sign up to Action Ethiopia's newsletter to see how your money can make a difference - Give a little or give a lot, it makes a massive impact on peoples lives. Trust me, I have seen it!
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Harry's race for life part 2

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Families within adjoining regions of these communities.

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